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How to Make Felt Ball and Beaded Coasters

  I bought some felt balls a while ago and never got round to making any jewelry with them.  So if you're like me, consider using those balls and your beads in a whole new way!  Enter Ornamentea's awesome Feltie Coasters video tutorial. These beautiful craft coasters can be made to match any decor!

Although you can buy the felt balls, they can also be made if you are already into felting. Felt ball jewelry can be fun - just add beads to the balls or leave them plain and connect them to other beads by piercing them wire.

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  1. Hi! This is a great idea to make use of felt balls and these coasters look absolutely adorable. You've gotten another follower =)


  2. Welcome to my blog, Liha! I'm off to check yours out!

  3. These would be nice for a summer bbq. You can make felt balls in a two-litre soda bottle instead of the washing machine (I haven't tried this but saw it on a knitting show).

  4. I am just back from kathmandu (nepal) and saw loads and loads of felt beads and booties (kids) there.Pearl thanks for all that info you gave me on the gemstones available there (I saw loads but didnt buy save a couple of pendants) so maybe next time if somebody asks you for the same info, you can also add felt beads to the list:)

  5. LOL! I don't think I know too many people planning a trip to Kathmandu! But thanks for the tip on felt beads.


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