Swarovski Inspirations
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A reader wanted to know more about using flat back rhinestone crystals for jewelry designs. They are certainly fun to use for that extra bling factor!  For example, I added Swarovski versions to these earrings in my store.

These rhinestones come either glueless or as hot fix versions where you can use a special tool to heat up and activate the glue at the back.  The hot fix ones are best for porous materials like fabrics and paper. You'll have to use a good glue for attaching the non-hot fix ones to slick surfaces such as metal etc.

The above is Carlyjcais' Gossip Girl Inspired Crystal Mesh Earrings which she made by gluing the rhinestones onto tulle and fabric.

There are different tools available to attach hot fix crystals. One example is called the Bejeweler Pro. It works for most porous and some non-porous items. Check out the video tutorial from Beadaholique on how to use this easy tool. Fair warning - you might get carried away blinging anything that doesn't move in your house! And perhaps some that do, too!

Fusion Beads has a great tutorial on how to glue flat back crystals onto metal charms. The trick here is to use a special tool called a jewel setter. It has a tacky end which helps pick up the rhinestones for positioning. Otherwise use toothpicks or Q-tips and tweezers for this task. See this tutorial by M and J Trimming.

The Henna Caravan has a beautiful tutorial for embellishing stenciled henna designs on skin with Swarovski crystals.

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