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Luxury Swarovski Carpets Bedazzle

Swarvoski Inspirations
Part 2 of 2
Many of you were charmed with the Dishwasher Safe Swarovski Dinnerware I wrote about some time ago.Will you be equally charmed by Swarovski carpets? Apparently Swarovski thinks so. They sponsored Dutch designer, Jon van der Drift to produce this BIC Swarovkis carpet with several droolworthy 33,000 crystals.  B.I.C Carpets did the weaving from pure New Zealand wool.

Swarovski also teamed up with the Italian company Tappeti to produce a stunning collection of carpets with Swarvoski crystal patterns embedded in - get this - Mongolian wool

The custom made rugs are created by craftsmen from far flung places like Iran, India, Russia and China. The names evoke a certain richness appropriate to the line - Empress, Noblesse, Princess, Queen and Royal. The rugs cost between $4,200 to $14,000 depending on size and pattern.

Other Crystal innovations:

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  1. All I can say is wow! However I don't think I would want that in my house. Interesting though, people are doing all kinds of things these days.

  2. If I had this at a hotel, I would so be tempted to take a few home with me.

  3. Well, if you could see these carpets from the swarovski studded!!!
    Thanks again Pearl!!!

  4. WOW! Love that last one with the swirls! I just need to start gluing crystals on everything!

  5. Seems like that would kinda hurt to walk on. Oh, yeah, it's probably carpet you don't walk on. lol.

  6. Too true! If I ever could afford a carpet such as this, it would be hung on the wall!

    I think the smaller crystals won't be noticeable embedded in lush carpet. But the more ornate patterns are confined to certain areas.

  7. This puts a whole new meaning to the term "Carpet Burn" ! :D

    They're gorgeous but how do you vacuum them ??? Guess you'd have to take them outside and give them a good shake ?

  8. That was my first thought, how do you vacuum them? And then I thought - why?

  9. Oh I could totally fall in love with the second one. Of course it would never work with my furkids.

  10. Hm, I wonder if they'd hurt my feet walking over them?


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