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Awesome Contemporary Leather Jewelry by Katrinshine

There are so many jewelry styles to suit many tastes. Contemporary jewelry designs suit those who like clean, simple lines.

Italian artisan Ekaterina, whose Etsy shop is called Katrinshine is certainly a shining example of the aesthetic approach.

She also makes the kind of jewelry fewer people attempt - hair adornment, shoe clips and the fun stuff which can appeal to those who like a smile or two!

Ekaterina is amazingly talented as she is also into sewing corsets, totes and historical costumes. Catch up with her latest on her blog.


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  1. Great pieces, wear them everyday...leather only gets better with age!

  2. Amazing artist! So many totally cool items! I love the bright colors too!

  3. Beautiful jewelry. I imagine it would be quite hardy for travellers. I especially love the yellow and orange pendant.

  4. The shoe clips are sweet, really adore them, however the mustachioed brooch leaves me groaning. The Poirot Mustache seems to be everywhere; on baby clothes, glasses, mugs, jewelry, on cards, in paintings and as gag items ... arrggg!!!
    If Agatha Christie knew how etsy would have gone gaga over her Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot's mustache, she might have written him as clean shaven ! :)

  5. How beautiful and simple! Leather is a classic material that never goes out of style. These pieces could be worn for a very long time!


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