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How to Make Swarovski Crystal Earrings Tutorials

There is nothing like crystals especially Swarovski for maximum sparkle! So here are some wonderful tutorials for blingy earrings! The techniques used are varied - bead work, polymer clay and wire work.

First up is Bonnie Clewan's pretty blue Crystal Mandala Earrings which you can whip up in a short while.

This crystal earrings tutorial by Bee Jang on Livejournal is also a mandala design but what is different is the bead weaving for stud earrings.

Dana over at her Dana's Jewelry Design blog has a wonderful wire work Dangle Chain Earrings tutorial.  I love how she made this into a multi-color design.

A vertical cascade of crystals is another way to use up odd crystal colors. This tutorial is by Lindsey Marcella over at her blog.

Art Bead's Vogue Earrings Tutorial is a shimmering cascade of  small Swarvoski crystal pendants. It's for very formal occasions for sure.

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  1. Swarovski crystals are truly the poor man's diamonds ... or emeralds, sapphires, rubies ...

    All these earrings are very lovely but ArtBeads Vogue Earrings are absolutely stunning. The tutorial states that they're fairly heavy and should be used with a large support earring clutch. Since they each contain 2 dozen 12 mm crystal pendants along with 44 rather hefty 19 gauge 6.1 mm jumprings, it doesn't surprise me that they would be heavy.
    Too bad there aren't any muscles in our earlobes so that we could exercise them ! I know I'd need to beef up my ear lobes in order to wear some of the heavier earrings that are being made today. I can see it now; "Okay let's burn those lobes and a-one, and a-two. Come on feel that burn girls, keep it up ... no pain, no gain !"

  2. Very pretty...can't beat Swarovskis for sparkle and shine...unless you have diamonds...sorry not this lady!


  3. Very funny! Did you know women who wore girandoles (very large chandelier earrings) actually had to loop ribbons through the earring findings and pinned these in their hair so as to support the weight?

    You can see what they look like here -

    Also check out the review I did on Lobe Wonder, a modern solution to wearing heavy earrings.

    It might be possible to substitute the pendants used in the Art Beads tutorial with say lightweight lucite beads. They won't be as sparkly though.


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