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How to Add a Hollow Charm Embellishment

I've come across hollow charms before. What I would do is punch a hole in it so I could hang it with a jump ring. But what if you want to attach it directly to the jewelry? The hollowness means there is not enough surface for glue to hold. Riveting will not work either because the charm is 3 dimensional.

Michelle over at Yesterday's Trash came up with a solution - a mixed media tutorial on how to add a hollow charm embellishment

Her way works for designs where the charms remain whole and are glued on to the design. I agree with Michelle, the tutorial "opens up a whole new set of possibilities!"

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  1. great could also try filling it with solid epoxy resin (it is called Mseal in India)and then gluing it on as in the tutorial. Instead if it needs to be attached only to a metal, then it can be filled with Lac - it can be removed and re fixed any no. of times. This is used in most stone set jewelry in northern/western India

  2. I've never experimented with gel medium but have been intrigued with its possibilities. This method of fastening hollow charms or elements to a piece of jewelry furthers my curiosity and desires to give it a try. Wonder how good it is with glass on glass adhesion ?


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