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Swarovski's New Pirate Jewelry Celebrates Pirates of the Carribean 4

Black Pearl Earrings
One of the best movie franchises has to be Disney's Pirates of the Carribean series. Delightful characters, improbable plots and outrageously funny and action-filled entertainment continues with their upcoming installment, Pirates of the Carribean : On Stranger Tides.

Swarovski's latest pirate jewelry collection takes the movie fun and transfers it into adornment. Their designs showcase many familiar elements from the franchise.

Many of the designs feature crystal pave elements which were hand set using Swarovski's Pointiage® technique. Pointiage® involves a type of epoxy adhesive. (Check link below for other epoxy resins you can use for your own crystal pave designs.)

Shown here are some of my favorites. The Black Pearl for the uninitiated is Captain Jack Sparrow's (Johnny Depp) ship.

Black Pearl Ring
The anchor is also a universal nautical element as shown with their charm dangle ring featuring a black crystal pearl :

Black Pearl Anchor Ring
In the latest movie, Jack Sparrow has a new love interest, Angelica, played by Penelope Cruz. That she is adept with guns and swords is shown from the following pieces :

Guys haven't been neglected either with other unisex designs like this laughing skull link bracelet :

Watch the official movie trailer for a sneak preview to the movie which will be released next week.

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  1. cool! i love the gray pearl earrings!

  2. Definitely, the Black Pearl earrings are eye catching and would create many a second glance.

    I look forward to the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Johnny Depp has certainly "become" the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow !
    Of course I'm really waiting for the cinematic episode that resolves the issue of the estranged lovers; Will Tuner, who can only come ashore for 1 day (every decade) to be with his beloved Elizabeth Swann. That movie, "At World's End", left me feeling like I had just seen an opera - Madam Butterfly, La Boheme or Aida. Pass me a tissue please, sniff-sniff !!

  3. I agree. Johnny Depp was the best reason why the franchise is so successful. I also liked many of the other supporting cast like Geoffery Rush.


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