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A Pretty Blue and Pink Wire Crochet Bracelet

When we mention wire crochet at workshops, some beginners are really hesitant. Most have never done crochet. But when they do try, they end up with the prettiest jewelry ever! It's really easy. No kidding. Just check out the how to link below.

Michelle's choice of soft blue, pink and clear beads is a vision of prettiness!  The beads are from Debbie's (Widget Bead's) collection, These include translucent beads as well as crackle (looks like cracked ice) beads.

Beader Design # : 653

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  1. I have been wanting to learn wire crochet for a while...thanks...and please do check out the second installment on gemstones to buy in nepal
    Thanks for ur input at such a short notice...:)

  2. any idea on how much wire one needs for a bracelet?

  3. I haven't really measured the wire as we work off spools. I would guesstimate it at 3-4 feet at most. There is some variation in the amount of wire used depending on how tight or loose the chains are made.

    Off to check your Nepal post next!


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