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Open Publications - Inspirational Copper Wire Jewelers eMagazine

I often work with copper and really like the metal a lot. So when Lois Linquist the artisan and blogger behind A Beaded Affair, became the founding editor of the open publication, Inspirational Copper Wire Jewelers eMagazine I was intrigued and joined her Ning group.

These free eMagazines showcase the work of some awesome jewelry designers as well as include some helpful and fun articles. They are beautifully produced and free.

Issue 5 is in the works but there has been a long hiatus. I did not know why until Karen of KarenMakesStuff emailed to let me know that Lois has been laid low with a bad back since December.

Karen wanted to know if I could write a post to lift up Lois' spirits. Lois has been so unstinting in her help, she even went to Karen's house to show her how to do wire wrapped cabochons!

Karen said in her email, "If it wasn't for her I don't know that I ever would have posted about copper wire rings and bails. Those same copper wire rings and bails I'm now famous for because of you!!! See a community at work. " (see my past post How to Make Wire Bails) Indeed. Well Lois, when you read this, know that a whole bunch of people are willing you to get back on your feet again. So get well soon!

Copper Wire Jewelers Magazine Issue # 4

Copper Wire Jewelers Magazine Issue # 3

Copper Wire Jewelers Magazine Issue # 2

Copper Wire Jewelers Magazine Issue # 1 

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  1. Thanks for serving the jewelry community, you're the best Lois!

  2. Just visted Lois' site and joined her Ning group. Hope you are feeling better Lois...I know what it feels like to hurt your back...sure puts a "kink" in beading too! Thanks Pearl, you are awesome!! Please check out Cindy's blog for the beadsisterhood - she's awesome too!!!

  3. It's a very interesting site, just spent about 10 minutes there and realize I could be there for a very long time. :D I will have to go back and give it the time and attention it deserves.

    I have to laugh at how much our jewelry making sister/brotherhood has changed in a few short years. Once we deigned to use sterling as 14 k gold or even gold filled became too expensive but we continued to snub the lesser base metals such as pewter, copper, bronze and brass. However these base metals are all beautiful in their own way. Now that sterling has gotten so "precious" we are learning to fully appreciate the warm tones of these "less" precious metals.

  4. Greetings Lois,
    Sending you well wishes, and good energy!

  5. What an amazing honor I awoke to this morning. I'm an avid reader of The Beading Gem's Journal and never miss a blog. I never dreamed Copper Wire Jewelers and I would be in it. Thank you so much to Pearl and Karen and all our members and the Jewelery Community in general for being so supportive during this tough time. I'm back though, for the most part and raring to go. Hot Glue tells me the 5th issue will be out shortly and we'll start work on the next one and boy do we have a great treat for you in the upcoming issues.
    Hugs all around. You sure made my day and I've been grinning ear to ear.

  6. Since I discovered this great community and Lois's site my professional life grow up and I am honored to be a small part of this. Thank you, Lois!

  7. Thank you for sharing another wonderful site.

  8. Wonderful to hear that you are on the mend! It was a pleasure to finally feature those gorgeous eMagazines!

  9. What wonderful news!!! I've been a very proud member of the group for over a year and they are wonderful artisans! Lois, I'm so glad you're back!!!!

    Karen, you were so sweet to do this. What a wonderful community we have!

    Thank you, Pearl! I'm so excited to see our group on your blog. :)


  10. Wonderful article! Thanks so much for doing this. Copper Wire Jewelers is such a great spot to share with so many talented artists.

  11. Great article! I love being a part of "Copper Wire", great place to showcase my pieces and receive recognition for my talent. Thank you for giving them the recognition that they deserve. Lois does a wonderful job!!!

  12. Great article and thanks so much Lois for all of your hard work on behalf of the Copper Wire site. I hope you are back on your feet soon.

  13. Great article, Lois has put so much effort into the Copper Wire Jeweler's site - Thanks Lois! And now I have a whole new site to visit, too. Thanks, Beading Gem.

  14. I love jewelry, and while I don't make it myself. Love to see how others do it. It is truly a "talent"

  15. I just had to pop back and thank all of you for such kind comments and to let you know Issue #5 is now out on the web. Visit us at to see Issue #5.
    Thanks again Pearl!


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