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How to Make a Russian Spiral Rope Necklace Tutorial

Spiral rope necklaces are quick to whip up. I also find them quite relaxing to do as there is a certain rhythm to stitching them. Here is a another stitch variation. The tutorial and project instructions for the Helixa necklace is by Sarah McConnell.

It appears in her Lark Crafts book entitled One Big Beautiful Bead: Simple Jewelry with Focal Beads. As you can see, visually appealing bead work can compliment a single focal or art bead very well.

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  1. Sometimes with a large and very special bead, less is truly more. The Russian Spiral rope compliments the beautiful art glass bead without over-powering it. I will have to go check out her book as it does sound interesting.

    Thanks Pearl for all the research you do and the great information that you present us with. :)

  2. I'm glad you really appreciate my work. Some readers though are ready to surrender as I present so many ideas to try!

  3. Thanks for telling us about this book! I LOVE the Russian Spiral, I probably over use it because I love the feel and drape of the rope it creates. You can plan out your colors or make them using bead soup and they look equally as stunning. I also love to make big beaded beads that really could only be used as a focal bead, and I tend to lean towards what I call a more classic style, something simple but with a lot of punch! I think this book would help me a lot! Definitely will be checking it out! Thanks Pearl!

  4. I knew you would be interested, Mandy! I too like draped ropes. Simple but elegant.

  5. I am just finishing my first Russian Spiral necklace. I love the stitch and agree that it is quite relaxing. I must admit I had to try a few times to get "the hang of it". I am using a large ceramic bead as the focal. I bought the featured book and am waiting for it to be shipped.


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