WRecordsByMonkey of Brooklyn makes an astonishing array of vinyl record jewelry designs. It's true when they say it's "where fashion, art and music collide " for what they create is truly inspirational! The designs range from the vintage look of their Heritage Collection to striking fabric and modern cityscape inspired pieces.

Their designs sometimes mix vinyl records with acrylic or wood for dramatic effects as well as display distinctive graphic designs on the jewelry.

Vinyl Record and Cherry Wood Chandelier Pendant
Vinyl Record and Biege Acrylic Earrings

This company was founded by Patrick Chirico (fashion designer) and Brian Farrell (textile designer) in 2004. They started making their hand drawn graphic designs on record bracelets while they were still students. They are committed to being environmentally friendly in the making of their designs. They not only use water based and green inks and paints, they also incorporate high quality filtration systems at their facilities.

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