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Sleeve Garters Helps Shorten Sleeves The Easy Way

Men used to wear sleeve garters. These were very popular more than 100 years ago at a time when  manufacturers only made shirts with a standard long sleeve length.

So the garters as you can see from the picture of a barbershop quartet below not only shortened the sleeves but kept them cleaner when the men were working.

Barbershop quartet, Disneyworld, Florida, USA,...Barbershop quartet via Wikipedia

Today sleeve garters are still useful even if clothing now comes in different sizes. Many people just don't fit the standard sizing models used by clothing manufacturers.  Petite women can wear a much prettier version of Sleeve Garters from Harriet Carter (link no longer works). These elasticated faux pearl cuffs add a touch of glamor to a functional accessory!

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  1. What a great blog. My husband was wearing sleeve garters the first time I met him. I thought he was a punk rocker - little did I know he was being really fashionable! Too funny - brings back a great memory for me.

  2. Was it really fashionable once upon a time? I must have missed that!

  3. My grandfathers used to wear sleeve shorteners but long before I saw them. Just heard about them. It did remind me of the sort of plastic long cuffs women wore when working in offices that protected their long sleeve blouses from getting dirty. You know carbon paper etc. Oops showing my age.

  4. I've seen pictures of men wearing long fabric cuffs too in the days when people wrote with real ink!

  5. Well I have learned something new today. I realized that women's garters had a function and that was to keep their stockings up. Guess I always thought that men, way back when, merely worn them on their sleeves for decoration but never knew that at one time they truly served a purpose.

    I like the pretty elastic and pearl sleeve shortener, it's something I could use as I'm a petite (4' 11" and a size 2 petite). If I buy a blouse or long sleeved sweater in a regular size small or even x-small, the sleeves usually hit me around the tips of my fingers. This can really be a nuisance when doing something, like washing dishes.

  6. Sleeve garters are indeed useful for when you do the washing up! I've seen kilt pins with beads on them used to hoist up long sleeves too!

  7. Oh my gosh Pearl! I had no idea! I was given two of these pearl mesh on stretchy cord when my Grandma passed away from her jewelry box. I wondered why there were two! :) Hope all is well!

  8. Your grandmother must have been a petite lady!


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