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Multiplying the single diamond
Jewelry Reflections
Part 1 of 3
Can't afford a huge diamond? That's not a problem if you check out the limited edition diamond mirror rings by Swiss designer Nicolas Le Moigne and the historic Viennese jeweler AE Kochert (they were once the imperial jeweler to the Habsburg-Lothringen dynasty).

The designer exaggerates the size and even the number of diamonds by cleverly integrating mirrors into the ring designs so you get more for your money!

Magnifying the solitaire

Tinted half sphere mirror enhances the diamond color
Reflecting the diamonds' sparkle

The designs were created for last year's Vienna Design Week.


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  1. Well I guess that's one way to double the sparkle. The designs are cute but I'm not sure it's something that the mainstream would purchase, of course I realize that photos never capture the true beauty (or bling) of jewelry. Wonder if they ever considered attaching a powerful magnifier just above the diamond to make it appear ginormous ? :D

  2. Very pretty...such an interesting unique idea!


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