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How to Make Spoon and Fork Jewelry Tutorials

Image from Cut Out and Keep
Recycling spoons and forks for jewelry is a long standing craft dating back centuries. It made sense as traditional silverware is made from real silver.

Flatware and silverware jewelry was really popular a few decades ago and people are still making such adornment today. No wonder - the patterns on these cutlery are often beautiful.

Real silverware will be easier to manipulate than silver-plated or stainless steel flatware, not to mention have a higher value.  But annealing (softening) with a torch might make things easier. Check out some of the tutorials below for tips and tricks.

The above Fork Bracelet For Guys (Update : link no longer available) design by Beatr!ce on Cut Out and Keep uses 2 forks. The tutorial isn't detailed but the idea is clear from the picture.  The forks need to be sawed,  hammered and the tines artistically bent.  Here is another one from Cut Out and Keep :

A couple of the following tutorials give better instructions. Instead of welding the two forks together, either make holes for jump rings or bend the stem end over to house a jump ring.

Or use just one fork! Check out the super tutorial by Mary Andrews of the Contrary Garden blog. She prefers the silver-plated vintage flatware for the look so she has to anneal the metal with a torch. She also sells them on her Etsy store.

Image by Contrary Garden
If the spoons are old and you wish to embellish them, then check out the really easy  Upcycled Spoon Pendant tutorial by Violetta of Violet Elephant.  Via

Image by Violet Elephant
One outstanding and thorough how-to is the Altered Spoon Tutorial by Lynn Stevens over at the Gingersnap Creations blog.  She demonstrates how to soften and bend the spoon with a torch before cutting off the handle.

Image by Gingersnap Creations

Know how to use a Dremel?  Jean over at Craftster goes over how to use one with various attachments to make a variety of spoon pendants. She uses stainless steel spoons.

Images by Jean
If you made the spoon pendants then don't waste the stems or handles! Tammy Jones, the editor of Jewelry Making Daily has a Spoon Link Necklace tutorial which illustrates how to saw, prepare and finish the handles.

Image from Jewelry Making Daily
Another way to use the often lovely ends of spoons and forks is to make spoon rings. The tutorial is from eHOWVia
Image from Craft Gossip
Shawn Wilson of Shaviq Designs has this video on how to make jewelry from silverware using wire work.

One awesome not-to-be missed inspiration is Kathryn Riechert's Flatware Critter Charms. These were created from vintage flatware for a metal charm swap. Kathryn has a shop on EtsyVia

If you have time, watch this silver smith engrave a design on a handle.

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  1. As always a very interesting post, Pearl. However, when they started with Tools: a hacksaw... I dropped out. That is one type of jewelry I'll leave to others.

  2. Beautiful work! I love all the designs, but especially the spoon pendants.

  3. It was inspiring to see the use of the spoon or fork handles turned into lovely rings or jewelry components. Since most of the design and beauty of vintage silverware is on their ornate handles it would be a shame not to use them. The rings are truly lovely and since they are an open design (not soldered together) they would be easy to adjust to different ring sizes. A custom fit for each customer. :)

    However, like Ring by Ring Designs, I think I'll leave this art to other jewelry makers who're more adventuresome than I am.

    1. my wife was just about to throw out a big handful of antique flatware, a little sad decluttering, when I found this post and showed her that it didnt matter that her treasures were only silver plated. Back on the shelf they go and and on to the next work of art.

  4. Love some of those charms! It's amazing to me how a standard piece of - well anything really - can continue to evolve when people keep manipulating it.

  5. I still have a spoon ring from college so it was especially delightful to see all the creative work here. Thank you for this inspirational presentation. Isn't it amazing how many things you can do with spoons and forks? Even paint them, wow.

  6. that is one great way to re-purpose old spoon and and fork! :) I love this!

  7. A friend of my father made 'spoon' rings when I was a young teen. Wow..amazing that their appeal is still so widespread!

  8. Love fork bracelets and spoon pendants. Been making jewelry from them for years but I love to see all the great new ideas people are coming up with. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I especialy enjoyed watching the video of the engraver. What an art! Well worth watching!

  10. What a wonderful engraver! I've never seen that before. Now I know what that tool is that I bought at a yard sale is for!!!! I knew it was a find!


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