how to make knit or crochet bangles tutorials
Maya over at the Little Treasures blog  has just the tutorial to help you use up your yarn stash. In the process you get to make any number of bangles to coordinate with your outfits! The bangles can be of any width.

You do need some inexpensive plastic bangles or even wooden ones. Better yet, recycle old bangles you don't like anymore!

If you are keen to be green, then cut up plastic bottle to crochet over! The tutorial by unikatissima is a knit one but crochet will also work. She also showed how durable the bangle is even after machine washing!

These interlinked knitted bangle style wrist warmers are perfect for those of us who live in cooler climates. The tutorial is by Michele Simeon, an American living in Finland where it IS cold in winter!

See Mi Knit was inspired to make her own knitted bangles after she spotted super expensive designer cashmere ones.  She calls her design swatch bangles because that's what you make - a knitted swatch to cover the original bangle.

The tutorial by Shala of Don't Eat the Paste will help you use up not only your yarn stash but buttons too! Don't we all have button collections?

Shala also has this lovely bi-color crocheted bangle tutorial.

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