Some of you like to collect jewelry projects for kids. Perhaps to entertain children on a rainy day or as a group activity for school or Girl Guides?

One reader told me about the straw flower bracelet or necklace tutorial they used for their church youth group. A Facebook page follower looks forward to making real seed necklaces with her granddaughters.

Here's a new one. The pipe cleaner flower ring is a blast as these are easy to make and will be appreciated by all ages.

The tutorial is by Wendy Baner, the Pipe Cleaner Lady over at the Martha Stewart Living site. The video there shows how quick it is to construct one. She also does bridal shower parties where all the guests get a ring and the bride naturally gets a pipe cleaner tiara!

In this video, she demonstrates a tri-color variation of a daisy ring. What's fun to see is her party cart filled with pipe-cleaners and other party paraphernalia. She reminds me of the folks who make balloon animals.

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