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Some Easy Earring Design Tutorials to Inspire

Earrings are my most favorite jewelry to make. They are on the small side and quick to do. Yet there are so many ways of making them different. Check out this refreshing collection of easy tutorials and see what I mean.

Bead Studio's Simple Furnace Glass Earrings is a rather fun and funky way to position cylindrical beads. A touch of wire work and hammering and viola!

Like chains?  Then you'll love Bead Studio's Rockstar Earrings which features chain waterfall  from hoops.

Not many of us can make filigree jewelry like Bongera Filigrana who I featured before. But we can certainly get the look by linking premade filigree charms to form larger pieces.   Shown here are Bead Studio's Filigree Earrings.

If you are still stumped and need further inspiration, be sure to check out my Earring Design Ideas hub page.

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  1. Love the furnace bead earrings but then I have always loved furnace glass beads. Furnace glass beads have such depth and can be used in either very high end sophisticated designs or designs that are just fun and funky.

    You picked a hot topic to post about as earrings are the jewelry maker’s favorite thing to create. They are quick and easy to fabricate, especially if one is using pre-made earwires or hoops, and their variety is absolutely endless ... also they are the best sellers, seems women find these little adornments irresistible and usually most affordable. Guess that's why we have a much larger inventory of earrings in our jewelry collections than we do necklaces and bracelets. Hmm, maybe that's why multiple ear piercings became so popular as it gave the girls a way to wear several pairs of their earrings at a time.

  2. Definitely best sellers and for the time it takes to make earrings, the most profitable.

  3. Love the first pair...Whenever I conducted jewelry workshops I make it a point to spiral based earrings and they are a hit everytime..there is something about glass and spirals that makes you want it so mcuh

  4. Thanks again, Pearl! I had decided to keep my jewelry making skills to using basic tools and techniques in the interest of all the hundred skills I need to "keep up" as a professional musician, but these designs make it possible to use a little wire work.

  5. Thanks Pearl. More fun earring ideas. The spirals are fun.....I have made the filigree ones before but used square charms. That works well also.


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