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Much as I like bead work jewelry, it does take up a lot of time. So for those of us with time only for quick beaded bracelets, this tip from Sneezerville is sure to please! Her idea is to turn a beaded bracelet into a necklace!

Tutorial picture by Sneezerville
She actually braided 3 beaded bracelets together. But I am sure bead work such as the spiral stitch (see  tutorial link below) will look great too!  She saved money by using strips of jersey for the rest of the necklace. But adding cord or chain are also other alternatives.This is also a super idea for jewelry design makeovers.

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  1. Awesome idea!! Thank you for the inspiration. Now if I could find a quick way to bead my faery butterfly wings...LOL

  2. I had a clever kid in one of my last chainmaille classes. He was working on a bracelet and then he had the idea to make a leather cord extension so he could wear the bracelet also as a necklace. Very clever!

  3. Great idea for when I only have time to make a braclet but really want a necklace!

  4. It sure is a quick way to get a maximum benefit from a lesser effort!

    Nothing quick about bead work, though, Regina!

  5. This would certanly save some time as it takes at least twice as long to make a standard 18" necklace as it does to make a bracelet. Also I love the way Sneezerville's bracelets look as a choker, but then I've always been fond of chokers.


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