Recycling is a huge trend these days. So I was delighted to come across a talented lamp worker, Trudi Madison who also recycles glass. She has the most fun with making her line of Wickedly Wild Recycled Wine Bottle jewelry (now called Trudi Madison).

It's not only eco-friendly.  She gets to enjoy the wine first with her friends.  As Trudi says, "When life gets complicated, I wine. "  She goes on to enjoy making lovely beads from the bottles, doubling the pleasure!

The glass is broken up and then melted down for her flame work.  She explains the process on her site in a delightful way, warning us drinking while flaming is not recommended!

Shown here are some of her wonderful jewelry designs featuring her recycled wine bottle beads.  Naming her beads sure is easy as she adopts the names of the wines. The Ste. Chapelle beads below left have been drenched with pure silver giving them a halo effect.

Trudi's Afterdark lampwork beads are also fabulous. They are called that because she makes them after dark! Her beads are available on eBay and in her Etsy store.


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