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What Did You Say? The Hear Ring?

It's not the first time I've come across hearing inspired jewelry. But the plastic Hear Ring is a retro first!  It reminds me of ear trumpets which were invented in the 17th century.

The designer is Gina Hsu who describes it as "a ring with a large audience".  It's certainly a discrete way of amplifying sound without wearing a tell tale hearing aid! 

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  1. Now this is novel and useful. I could probably use one when I watch TV as my hubby says I have the volume way too loud. I tell him it's because they insist on playing loud background music in all the shows and the music drowns out the dialog. So I try to keep the volume down and end up with a hand cupped behind my ear trying to amplify what is being said. The overpowering music and the commercials I can’t do much about other than push the mute button. I love HGTV’s “Holmes on Homes” but that show is the worst when it comes to really loud (and obnoxious) music drowning out the dialog !!!
    Still I wonder who the blazes decided that everyone wanted to hear loud music while watching something like a documentary ?

  2. Almost Precious - ditto on all you said!
    My husband is an "ear cupper" with the TV.
    I was surprised at the cost of the ring. Not sure how Euros convert but 345?

  3. It converts to nearly $500!!! I think if the designer were to explore the newer ways of manufacturing like rapid prototyping, the cost could be more manageable.

  4. THAT is hysterical!

  5. Definitely interesting!!! Think I will just turn up the volume a little!!!

  6. Definitely unique but I don't know about the discrete part.

  7. Well, the large ring is not discrete but using it to amplify sounds is!


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