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Kinetic Jewelry Designs by Andrea Rosenfeld

There aren't very many jewelry artisans who specialize in kinetic jewelry so I get excited when I come across one.  Andrea Rosenfeld is a stellar designer whose work has been seen in many publications.

As you can see from her You Spin Me ring on the left, parts of her jewelry are designed to move. The swirl or coil focal spins around when the wearer moves which in turns changes the positions of the jasper gemstones.

Some of her kinetic designs are interactive. Her Harvest ring allows the wearer to manipulate the "sheaves of grain" to slightly alter the composition.

Her Click One necklace is made from a mixture of metals including recycled silver.  What distinguishes this design from others is that the sculptural focal  can be moved to 3 different positions and locked or "clicked" into place.

Another playful piece is her Aqua Amoeba necklace where the wearer can slip the aquamarine "cells" into different slots which then alters the overall composition.

Her Swaying Branches necklace has a nest of gemstones which slide. It's a lovely mix of citrine, peridot, blue topaz and rhyolite. What fun!

Andrea donates a percentage of all her sales to charity.

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  1. thanks for bringing this to our attn, Pearl. This Calderesque jewelry fascinates me, and as you said; you don't see it much. It's difficult to do!

  2. How fun! This kind of jewelry is perfect for people like me who can't wear it without fiddling with it. Thank you for sharing Andrea Rosenfeld's work. Definitely going to check out more!

  3. The designs are marvelous and I can not imagine how much planning and thought goes into their creation. Perhaps this is one reason why we don't see a lot more kinetic jewelry.

  4. Hello everyone and hello Pearl! Thank you so much for allowing my work to be placed on such an informative, creative and substantial jewelry site!

    I do have fun with my kinetic work and sometimes have to enlist my engineering friends to help with a few concepts. Playfullness is a large part of my design aesthetic (being a Leo) and really, you should enjoy the art that surrounds you!

    A major trade magazine has a few of my kinetic pieces for a "movement" article they are writing (we'll see if I make the cut). :)

    Nice meeting all of you, I enjoyed your comments and thank you again, Pearl!


    ~Andrea Rosenfeld

  5. I'm sure you will make the cut! Your jewelry is just awesome!

  6. What a talent!!! There are some really interesting designs here. I'm so boring!!!

  7. I really love the aqua amoeba necklace and how the pieces cane be moved around - creative genius :)
    It has inspired me to do something to try something like that


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