What do you do when you fall for and are about to marry a nerd? You give him his very own USB or thumb drive style wedding ring. Ray Arifianto, who works on the XBox Platform team at Microsoft, received it from his decidedly un-nerdy fiance.

She clearly had no qualms about marrying a nerd and proved it with her chosen design. And as her cleverly chosen engraving says, she hoped "For a lifetime of memories". Get it?

However, you don't need to be getting married to get a USB ring. The Japanese made MemoRing is cool as it really works as an USB!  

It'll be hard to misplace this 2GB USB drive - "You can be with your sweet memories at any time."  The MemoRing works for both Win and Mac.

The plastic ring comes in 3 colors including a transparent version. One size only - Japanese size 11 which is equivalent to US size 6 according to this ring size conversion chart . It costs ¥3,000 or about US$37.

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