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Amazing Ribbon Animal Brooches by Ribbonesia

I've long been a fan of Japanese art and design.  This new find of amazing animal brooches by Ribbonesia illustrates the reasons why. The  designs are not only clever but beautifully and artistically put together.

ribbon jewelry

The founder of Ribbonesia is Sapporo-based Baku Maeda, who is a freelance illustrator. He needed a project for his "fiddling" fingers which had nothing to do with his living.

After trying out a succession of hobbies including animal art made from electrical outlets and plugs, he settled on his unusual ribbon art.

He developed a method of making animals from ribbons after a lot of experimentation. His explanation is quintessentially Japanese, "The secret was to create each animal with minimum elements. The simplicity was a key to its beauty."

Ribbonesia's website, now a collective which includes other artisans, was launched in 2010.  Their product line is two fold. The first line includes accessories such as brooches, gift and wedding decorations. Their second collection is on a much larger scale - commercial visual displays.


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  1. How unique ! I could just imagine the ribbon and fur one being used as substitutes for boutonnieres, could even see all the men in a wedding party sporting them. It would certainly make for some interesting memories. :)

    Guess this is sort of in line with the Japanese art of Origami only instead of intricately folding paper its ribbon that's being manipulated. Doubt that I'd be any good at this as I have trouble enough making bows for presents. (The best I can do is peel off the protective cover on one of those peel and stick, ready made bows and slap it on the box.)

  2. That just about sums up my experience with ribbon bows! But ribbons do make some lovely feminine jewelry. Just check the links below.

  3. I would love to be invited to a social event where I could wear one of these. They are awesome. I think the Lion is my favorite.

  4. These are awesome!!


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