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How to Make Swarovski Crystal Cocktail Rings

Image by Resin Obsession
Did you know cocktail rings are sometimes known as dinner rings or even right hand rings? These statement rings were popular back in the 1940's and 1950's and were worn on the fourth finger of the right hand.

Well, cocktail rings are back in vogue!  And what's more, Swarovski crystals  make them extra special!  Here are some great tutorials from talented designers to inspire!

Cocktail rings don't have to be hard to make.  Check out Resin Obsession's DIY Crystal Clay ring tutorial.  Swarovski chatons are embedded into freshly mixed 2 part crystal clay which sets to a permanent finish. Crystal clays come in a variety of colors. 

Jenny of the Little Red Robin blog posted this elegant beaded cocktail ring tutorial. Doesn't it look awesome in the ring box?

Image by Little Red Robin
Roc6 on Instructables is very keen on Swarovski crystals.  Just check out her tutorial on how to make a crystal ring.

Image by roc6
Andrea over at Sew Divertimento got it absolutely right when she titled her how to as the Bling, Bling ring tutorial.Her right angle weave designs include a simpler square one as well as the large double diamond one below which so deserves the cocktail ring moniker. Via

Image by Sew Divertimento
This beautifully beaded ring tutorial was posted on Craftster by an unknown artisan.  If it's you or someone you know, please let Stacie over at CraftGossip and myself know so we can both credit the artisan.

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  1. Love it, love it, love it! This is a great post. I bought some two-part clay but haven't tried it yet. I will now!

  2. LOVE this!! Clay is so much fun to work with. I just did a little post over on my blog today as well. Off to check out the links you mentioned!

  3. I do love Swarowski... I'm just like a "gazza ladra"! These tutos are really wonderful!
    Pearl, thank you very much for sharing them.
    Ciao ciao da lilla

  4. Gorgeous! I especially like the one with crystal clay. I just found about crystal clay this summer at the Bead and Button Show, and I was very tempted to try it!

    I took a class with Dallas Lovett at the show, and his class was on a beautiful cocktail ring with a Swarovski crystal trapped underneath wire and bead weaving. It's right at the top of his website:

  5. Glad everyone liked this blingy post! Sarah - thanks for the tip on that designer! He is awesome!

  6. Fantastic rings and the new crystal clay is intriguing. I would like to give it a try.

    Read Saturday Sequin's comment and wanted to add that I've always adored Dallas Lovett's work, he's a true and gifted wire artist. I took a couple of wire work classes years ago, one was with Lovett as instructor and the other was with Mark Lareau (author of "All Wired Up") Both were great courses but Lovett really stood out as an exceptional artist.

  7. All the tutorials are fun and give lots of ideas as a result.

  8. Swarovski is one product that I started using when I started making jewelry. Bling is the right word and just love the articles on rings and hope to try in 2013. Thanks again Pearl.

    Have a great day, Doris


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