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Image from Beadwork
 The Reader Question thread is where I pick an email or comment question to answer.  I don't claim to know all the answers but I do my best to help.

Question : Pearl, Hi, do you have a tutorial or instructions how to make a toggle clasp out of a button??  I am so tired of buying toggles, I would like to make my own.  Thank you, Marsha Durkin of PinkAngelWing on Etsy.

Answer :  Bought toggles are great for when you run out!  However, it always adds to the piece if all the components are hand made so it is is worth making your own.

I actually don't have a tutorial for a button toggle clasp but Jennifer VanBenschoten over at's  Beadwork has one for buttons (shown above).  She covers how to attach shank and 2-hole buttons.

The other  end of the clasp could be just a simple beaded loop. However, you could also bead both sides of the clasp. Check out the lovely beaded toggle clasp tutorial by Ruby's Beadwork using peyote stitch.

Image from Ruby's Beadwork
If you like a beaded version of the round toggle and bar just like the metal types, then hop over to Jennifer's other tutorial, How to Make the Peyote Stitch Toggle Clasp.

Image from's Beadwork
Wire clasps are best made with thick wire.  My past tutorials cover the two ways to add some strength to thinner wire :

1. By adding beads

Copper Wire Crochet Bracelet by Pearl
2. By twisting thinner wires together

Spool Knitted Necklace by Pearl
Making distinctive wire toggles are also creative options. The Heart Shaped Toggle Clasp tutorial by Gelt Designs is delightful.

Image by Gelt Designs

If you really want to make metal toggles from really thick wire and soldering, then check out Jo Walker's tutorial on The Guild of Jewellery Designers (UK)'s site.

Image by Freya for the Guild of Jewellery Designers
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  1. Great ideas!! but the easiest way is to use a button. A button and cord for crochet, braiding & macrame projects and a metal button and wire for wire work projects....Simple yet efficient

  2. I agree. Some buttons are just so beautiful, they can be an integral part of the design.

  3. Pearl, as always you've presented us with a wonderful array of tutorials. I found myself truly envious over the soldered silver toggle tutorial as I do not know the 1st thing about soldering, it's something I've wanted to learn but local classes in my area were charging more than my pocket could cover (think it was like $399 for the course).

    I think your reader's question about making a button toggle clasp was a good one, though I never considered a button and loop as a toggle ... guess it all depends upon how you look at it, the button does act much like the bar on a toggle clasp. But yes, as Divya points out, buttons do make for some beautiful and unique closures to necklaces and bracelets.

    Thanks again for a great post and interesting comments.

  4. Another very helpful post, Pearl! They ALL are-thanks so much!


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