It's that time of year where households with school aged children are awash with back to school supplies!

You and I know color pencil sets are really colorful.  But that is where we stop, right?  Not Iris Tsante.

Her collection of jewelry made from color pencils is nothing short of brilliant. The craftsmanship and imaginative use of her chosen materials is truly inspirational.

I like what she said, "My pieces provide connotations of optimism, lightness, simplicity, joy and innocence, revealing on the same time qualities such as fragility and vulnerability. "  It is a telling statement for they apply to children and childhood. No wonder she picked color pencils to work with.

Iris is not alone.  Costume designer, Maria Christina Bellucci of MCB Contemporary Jewelry approaches pencil jewelry design differently. She takes advantage of the pencils' hexagonal shapes and butts them together rather like a patchwork quilt.

Want to make your own colored pencil jewelry? Kate of the Mini Eco blog designed and wrote a tutorial on how to do just that on the Design Mom blog.

Also check out Pammerz's fun and colorful tutorial on Cut Out and Keep.


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