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BMW's How to Steal Jewelry in 10 Steps Commercial

Watching BMW's recent commercial on Youtube on how to steal jewelry in 10 steps made me smile.  The ad features a suave man, a beautiful woman, a jewelry store, a pearl necklace and a luxury car kitted out with the latest technology - the whole point of the ad.

How BMW got away with making such a commercial is revealed in the final scene.

It's a clever ad designed to capture attention but it requires you suspend reality.  A rich man who owns an expensive car but can't afford a shave? A jewelry store owner who can't tell a fake pearl from a real pearl necklace?  Unarmed jewelry store guards?

Sure, the fancy car might catch the attention of male car enthusiasts. But women like me wonder about the missing scene... you know, the one where he had to tell the woman he loved the necklace he gave her was going back to the store!  Whatck!

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  1. Interesting but somehow, it bothers me that stealing, even in fun, is shown. Just me.

  2. I want to know how much money that ad cost them. It's a great idea, perfectly tailored to their market, and well executed too. Must have cost a small fortune.

    I can see some people being against it for various reasons - but those people aren't their market, so they won't care, lol.

  3. Definitely entertaining. But one would think a man of such obvious means could afford to purchase the necklace and yes I'm sure the lovely lady would be more than miffed to be told; "Sorry honey but this is going back to the shop ... however you're going to get a perfectly nice fake pearl necklace that I purchase yesterday at a little boutique." Yeah, Right, talk about being in the doghouse ! :D


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