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How to Make Your Own Small Kidney Ear Wires

Many women prefer to wear lever back earrings.  But we can't easily make those ourselves. An alternative for more security are kidney ear wires.  These have a safety loop at the back.

These are slightly more tricky to make than ordinary hook style ear wires but the tutorial by editor Tammy Jones of Jewelry Making Daily is pretty easy to follow.

I also wrote a past tutorial on how to make much longer versions of this using my bailing pliers. The long style is perfect for adding just a single bead at the bottom.  It really helps to make both earrings at the same time for consistency.

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  1. Whoops! Link corrected. My apologies and thanks to readers for pointing it out.

  2. The tutorial looks pretty straight forward as does the one you did on your blog back in 2010. I've always admired the kidney wire earrings as they latch securely but never made them as they looked complicated. Also I never purchased them ready made as the store bought versions seemed very fragile (looked like they used fine gauge wire) so it was good to see the tutorial recommended 20 to 22 gauge wire.

    I will have to try making both the short kidney wires and your longer version of these earrings. Especially liked your version as you use one of my favorite tools, the bail making pliers (which I discovered by reading your fantastic blog). :)

  3. Just remember to try and do both earrings at the same time so they look even! Easier said than done!


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