Key necklaces have been a popular trend this year.  That's probably because keys are symbolic. Think "key to my heart" and you will know what I mean. So here is a bumper crop of key necklace tutorials to inspire you to make your own!

The gals over at the Little Birdie Secrets blog found some vintage rings during an expedition to antique shops.  This key's shape is reminiscent of a heart. That's why it is the Key to My Heart necklace tutorial. There are other inspirations in that post so it is well worth checking it out.

Some of the bigger old keys can still be used.  Check out Unfortunately Oh's key necklace tutorial which uses a vintage one differently.

Cynthia Deis' Unlock the Zodiac necklace double stranded necklace tutorial on Ornamentea is a clever match of ring and zodiac charms.

Also very clever, is the Key to Peace Necklace Tutorial (Update : no longer available) by Bedizen Ornaments on Ornamentea. The key used is a reproduction one.

Kim Newberg, a fellow Canadian has been collecting keys for ages. She has a really cool embellished altered key tutorial and many inspirations to use them up!  These bead and chain augmented keys will make wonderful pendant, key chain charms and perhaps even bookmarks. She also has a website and blog.

Cathe Holden over at Just Something I Made has a must see tutorial post on how to make embellished tags and key charms using decals and Amazing Glaze. Amazing Glaze really lives up to its name!

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