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Make a Showoff Box for Your Jewelry Designs

Image by Saturday Sequins
Savvy artisans always carry their business cards with them to hand out as the opportunity arises.

If you've got a smartphone like I do and are on Etsy, then you can use some clever apps to display your store in a pleasing manner on the small screens. See my past post on Promote Your Etsy Store as a Magazine and an a Phone App.

But that's still not the same as having samples. So check out Sarah's wonderful idea of making a showoff box over at her blog, Saturday Sequins.

She even decorated the exterior in a way that only a jewelry lover will understand!  She gives all sorts of suggestions on how to make one so you can get your work noticed.

If artists have portfolios, we can have show off boxes!

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  1. Another timely post--starting to think through logistics for my annual holiday home jewelry show and there are many great ideas here! Currently I am working through ways to display super long necklaces.

  2. Thanks so much for posting this, Pearl! I'm really excited to be featured on your blog and to be able to help other artists. :)

    -- Sarah

  3. Cute idea and a novel way of having sample handy especially for those small items like earrings which are always hot sellers.


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