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Image by Lola Ebola
It's nearly that time of year again!  If you like to join in the fun, then make yourself some skeletal jewelry for Halloween.

You can easily get skull and bone beads to make the jewelry quickly. But if you have time, check out these inspirations!

Lola Ebola on Cut Out and Keep bought some inexpensive plastic hands and painted them for her awesome Skeleton Hands with Roses necklace tutorial.

It's cool how she modeled it on a black draped mannequin with spider web designs in the background!

Azurafae's fun skeleton earrings tutorial uses shrink plastic. It's a long process getting the drawings and shrinking it correctly. But the results are awesome!  She adds that these can also be used as decorations.

Image by Azurafae
She is also a co-editor of the Skull-a-Day blog started by Noah Scalin.

If you're into precious metal clay, check out the amazing tutorial for Skull and Crossbones Cufflinks tutorial by meshell on Craftster.

Here's a fun project you can do with kids. The Impatient Crafter otherwise known as Margot Potter has a delightful tongue-in-cheek video tutorial on how to make Gliterrati UTEE Skull and Bone jewelry. UTEE stands for ultra thick embossing enamel.  She first made molds using a small skull and bone beads.  I am sure some experimenting with an old saucepan on an electric frying pan can substitute for the special melting post she has.

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  1. These are really great! You are always on top of it BGJ.

  2. The skeleton hands with roses necklace by Lola is really neat and does remind me of the Mexican, Day of the Dead celebration. When I read her tutorial and got to the part where she instructs about using tacky glue and glitter, I'm thinking "Uh oh" as I could see glitter all over someone's dress. But then she goes on to instruct us to use a sealer. Whew, catastrophe averted.

  3. Sealers are always a good thing, eh?

  4. Where were the little skeleton hands from? They are too cute.

  5. Just check out dollar stores and places like those for plastic skeleton hands. Have fun!


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