The way to stand out in a crafty crowd is to make things no one else does.  Fellow Canadian, Ewelina Olesinka of Evelda's Neverland on Etsy does just that with her awesome statement crochet necklaces.

Some of the necklaces are lariats and some do double duty as warm collars. If you have to keep your neck cosy in cooler weather, you might as well do it in style!

The designs are all original and  made with natural fibers as well as acrylic yarn. She has a wonderful sense of color and is clearly inspired by nature.  A true artist, Ewelina says, "I don’t use ready patterns – I make my items here and now, according my mood."  She crochets, knits and sews her pieces.

Her visually stunning and beautifully photographed designs are the main reasons why she has been featured on many blogs.

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