Plastic Bottle Flowers
New readers might be aghast at the thought of using plastic in jewelry let alone recycled water or pop bottles.

But some artisans do make incredible jewelry out of the most mundane items. Don't believe me?  Just check out some of the past posts below.

Eco, upcycled or recycled jewelry are some of the terms used for this green trend. Here are some tutorials by a couple of very creative crafters to inspire.

Plastic bottle flowers are easy to create. Leanne over at the Luvlee Scrappin blog uploaded a video showing how it is done.  Part 2 is here. The flowers can be used in any number of ways - on a hair barrette, as focals for necklaces and perhaps smaller versions for earrings.

Heidi Borchers makes good use of the empty plastic bottles with her Water Bottle and Paper Bangle tutorial.  They make easy bangles when cut up.  The pretty paper is sandwiched between two plastic bangles and sealed on the edges with metallic foil tape. There is an accompanying video.

Water bottle and paper bangles

She also added fabric rather than paper for her Reverse Fabric Earrings tutorial. You have to use water bottles with smooth sides.

Heidi came up with this colorful necklace from not just water bottles but drinking straws as well.  She wraps fabric strips over both plastic sources. Some embroidery floss and bead embellishments add to the overall design.  A video is also available.

Way to go EcoHeidi!!


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