Quite a while ago I wrote about Swarovski embellished contact lenses for that extra twinkle.  But there are also real diamond versions for those with a spare $15,000.

The exclusive and limited edition custom made La Ser Eye jewelry collection was created by an Indian eye doctor, Chandrashekhar Chawan of Shekhar Eye Research. The proceeds from the sale of these contact lenses will benefit poor patients who suffer from Stevens-Johnson syndrome and who are being treated at the center. Stevens-Johnson syndrome is a skin disorder which can also affect the eyes.

The 18 diamonds for each lens are studded around 18K gold plated rings which are in turn attached to Boston Scleral lenses such that they don't touch the cornea at all.  These special lenses are really used for treating certain eye disorders

All that sparkle may well attract bling lovers. But according to another eye doctor, these medical lenses are apparently cumbersome to wear and have to be filled with saline solution before insertion onto the eye.

People with eye disease have no choice but to wear them. Those with healthy eyes will be doing it out of pure vanity and with less concern about the hazards of putting foreign objects into their eyes.

The general response to the contact lenses has been mixed. Some, like the Bollywood crowd, warmed up to the idea.  Others considered it somewhat creepy and android-like.

Does Lady Gaga know about them?

Check out  this video report about the real diamond and gold contact lens.

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