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Paper, like plastic, is not the sort of material most artisans would choose to work with. Yet, many do and some like Li-Chu Wu create utterly amazing paper jewelry.

Grassland Brooch
Li Chu Wu is Taiwanese who is currently based in Birmingham, UK. The contemporary jewelry she creates  is incredibly intricate. The paper and metal pieces are a testament to her creativity, her attention to detail,  not to mention all sort of paper working skills combined with metal smithing techniques. 

Ocean Necklace
Her meticulous use of multiple layers in concentric patterns enables her to "create subtle movement and tactile qualities" in her work.

Mountain Landscape Necklace

No wonder her work has been published and exhibited in several countries!

Blossom Pendant

Flower Pendant (2011 Collection)

Flower Ring (2011 Collection)

Li-Chu also blogs and has a Facebook page.

Hat tip to Ann Martin for this find!

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  1. Amazing how much detail and dimension Li-Chu Wu can create from paper. I am in awe!

  2. I'm absolutely amazed! How talented she is, to be able to take something simple like paper and turn it into complicated, expensive-looking jewelry.

    This just proves that material is of secondary importance to the skills of the artist who uses it. :)

  3. just amazing! makes me really want to see her pieces in person to see what they feel like and look like up close. i can't believe how precise the pieces are--not something you would expect with paper!

  4. Wow! Truly amazing work. Some much detail.


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