Have you noticed QR (Quick Response) scan codes lately?  These are now increasingly visible as more people  have smartphones which can scan these codes.  This is part of  the coming augmented reality wave where you use your mobile device to access incredible amounts of information wherever you are. Bar codes are so yesterday!

For example, many airlines now let you choose to have your boarding passes sent to your mobile phone. Scanning the code on the screen at airport security checkpoints and at the gate will ensure your boarding pass info is updated automatically should your flight, gate or seat change.

Walk by a movie poster with a QR code, scan it in and you will instantly get reviews, the nearest cinema location and show times. Open a magazine and scan the codes to get additional web information on a feature. Even headstones have become interactive. Scanning the code on someone's gravestone will reveal the family's website biography about that person.

So it's no surprise QR codes have arrived on the hip accessory scene. Who needs business cards any more when you can wear a Skanz bracelet?  These silicon bracelets display your personal scan code which is linked to a webpage with your contact information and whatever you wish to share for example, your online sites.

Not into silicon bracelets? Your digital links can also reside as a QR profile on your phone so someone you meet could scan your information code into their phone.  Check out their video to show how Skanz works so you can "wear the web" and "share the world." 

You can read more about QR codes in this New York Times article.

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