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Spotlight on Romanian Jewelry Designers

There are some awesome beaders all over the world. One such corner of creativity is Romania. Thanks to Stephanie, a blog reader, who suggested this hand picked list of inspiring designers.

The above Pride of the Peacock is a design by Bijoux de mon ange. The inspiration for it comes from a quotation by William Blake "The pride of the peacock is the glory of God."

Ruxypixy's sea, sand and seashells necklace really evokes a day at the beach.  The beaded design seems to suggest the tumbling sand in the surf.

Zuri Jewelry's delightful polymer clay cherry necklace also stays true to the nature theme with a twine like look and shiny cherries.

LuMa's gorgeous beaded chandelier earrings are all about sparkling glamor!

To round off this eclectic selection is Stephanie's copper, turquoise and jasper wire work bracelet. She also makes whimsical polymer clay designs.

Thanks Stephanie for helping me put together this post!  Hope you will help me let the featured designers know they now have many admirers because I do not know any Romanian!

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  1. Good choices. Beautiful work by these artists.

  2. How beautiful! And all so different from each other. I love Stephanie's copper wire flower.

    I tried to teach myself Romanian when I was a teenager with one of those Berlitz tourist books. The only thing I learned how to say was "where is the discotheque," which probably won't be helpful to you!

  3. I guess teenagers have different priorities. My pick from any language guidebook has to be "Where are the washrooms?"

  4. Hey, thank you very much for this really big surprise! It's a real honour te be featured here, among the designers on my favourite list, not only Stephanie's!!!
    You all do a great job with this site and thank you for that! I, many times, come here for news, tutorials and inspiration!
    Keep up the good work!

    Kind regards,


  5. I wish I could say something in Romanian but can't! I am so glad you liked the feature, Andra. Thanks also for being a super reader and for your kind comments about my blog.

  6. It is my pleasure! ANd if you really want to know some words (sentences) in romanian, I can help you! Just let me know what things would you like to know :p

    @ Saturday Sequins: indeed it won't be very helpful , especially since they don't call them "discotheques" anymore, but "clubs" - altough it's the same thing, really! :))
    But you wore very courageos to try learning romanian, it's pretty hard language to learn (for foreigners)!

  7. Great works from great designers. Indeed, very good selection of jewelry.

  8. When I saw this post, all I could say was : wow! :D
    Thank you, Pearl, it's a great honor to be mentioned here. ...and along with such great designers.Many thanks to Stephanie as well :).

  9. "Multumesc" :) ...that is thanks :D


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