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Kiersten Giles who has a shop called Lune Designs on Etsy, says " I'm a fool for beads of any kind, a sucker for metal, a pushover for leather, and a glutton for fibers. And here is my little Etsy shop, because I had to find a way to pay for all that wonderful crap!"

Lucky for us she is such a pushover for beads because she designed and wrote the fabulous Ancient Roman Glass Necklace tutorial.

These one of a kind beads really are very old, they were made about 900-1200 years ago. Happy Mango Beads stock them.

These beads were excavated some years ago in Southern Afghanistan. Roman glass found its way via trading as far away as China!

The lovely beads Kiersten used are translucent and lightly hued with the wear of centuries on them. She doesn't recommend using them for bracelets as they are rather too fragile for that kind of wear.

Her project requires both wire work and metal smith techniques.  Her lovely design showcased the glass in focal sections. Instead of stringing them, she attached them like buttons onto wire bases using wire wrapping. Just beautiful!

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