Ever wondered how scrap gold is remade into jewelry?  Then watch this video by Andrew Berry. It's fascinating to watch this metal smith at work.

It also hits home how laborious the process is. It's not as quick as the 3 minute textured silver bracelet video I featured some time ago but the result is just as lovely.

The process takes longer because the metal has to be melted down and reformed into a long strip of metal. The strip of metal is eventually twisted, shaped, filed, and soldered.

Although I have no means of melting down any scrap silver and copper I have, I do collect all the bits I do not use for future recycling.  With the rising cost of both metals, these are worth something in the future if traded in to a jewelry supplier/recycler who will in turn sell it to a smelter.

Do you collect jewelry metal scraps?
Nah, couldn't be bothered
Sometimes - only the big bits
Yes, every last scrap

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