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How a Bangle is Made from Scrap Gold and Do You Recycle Metal?

Ever wondered how scrap gold is remade into jewelry?  Then watch this video by Andrew Berry. It's fascinating to watch this metal smith at work.

It also hits home how laborious the process is. It's not as quick as the 3 minute textured silver bracelet video I featured some time ago but the result is just as lovely.

The process takes longer because the metal has to be melted down and reformed into a long strip of metal. The strip of metal is eventually twisted, shaped, filed, and soldered.

Although I have no means of melting down any scrap silver and copper I have, I do collect all the bits I do not use for future recycling.  With the rising cost of both metals, these are worth something in the future if traded in to a jewelry supplier/recycler who will in turn sell it to a smelter.

Do you collect jewelry metal scraps?
Nah, couldn't be bothered
Sometimes - only the big bits
Yes, every last scrap

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    1. That was fascinating. I wish there had been a narration explaining each step and why he did what he did. But the process was clear and very labor intensive! I love that bangle, too! I don't really have much in the way of scrap metal since I mostly do seed bead things.

    2. Every bit that you don't collect is money down the drain, or rather, money taken from your jewelry business.

      (Via poll comments)

    3. So far, it looks like most of you are saving every last scrap!

    4. Not only do I keep all my scrap, I sort the sterling silver into two containers: the "too tiny to use" one, and the "long enough to maybe be useful some day" one. Makes finding the useful bits much easier.

    5. Now that is what I call organized! I'm afraid I just toss everything into a jar!

    6. Some of the poll commentators were wondering which supplier accepted scraps. One suggestion is Rio Grande.

    7. Melting down precious metals is way out of my league but I do save it, even the copper bits and pieces. Haven't turned any of it in yet but have noticed that there's been a proliferation of places around that advertize "We will buy your scrap silver and gold". I've been meaning to check them out and see if they offer a fair price or not. Well maybe next year ... which is only 8 days away. Heavens ! Where has this year gone ?


    You're AWESOME! Thanks for the comment and feedback. You do make a difference on my blog!

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