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How to Make Beaded Wine Glasses and Charms

Need a quick home decor or gift idea? Here's a couple to help you use up your bead stash too!

Image by Just Mommies
Wine glass charms remind me a little of hoop earrings. They are so useful when you have a crowd over and need to help your guests identify their own glass from a forest of others.

The beads decorate a wire circle with simple open loops at the ends. The design enables the charms to be attached and removed from wine glass stems with ease.

Check out the tutorial on Just Mommies if you'd like to make a batch to match your decor or party theme.

The well known crafting maven, Terri O has a super easy video tutorial on how to make full use of mismatched wine glasses unifying them with a particular color scheme.  Her idea requires using glass paint liners to decorate the glasses and then sticking all kinds of beads to the paint before it dries.

As she said, you can personalize the designs in any way. The decorated glasses can be used for the intended purpose but they also make great holders for candy treats and other small decorative items.

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  1. It's that time of year when everything is embellished and nothing is as flamboyant as sparkling glass to give bling to any and all things. Love the embellished and beaded mismatched glass ware idea.

    hmm - my word verification is "nontater" guess that means I'm no big potato. lol

  2. LOL! You are the only reader who enjoys those word verifications!

  3. love those beaded glasses! great idea.....i actually have some red wine glasses that would look super cool embellished. it's funny too--i recently started making wine charms, and i usually have to explain them to people! most people think they're earrings, but once they figure it out, people love them. and they are helpful at parties, especially for people like me who are always misplacing their glass :)

  4. Well, I was one of those people who initially didn't understand what wine charms were for! But now I get it!


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