No Diamond ring by Sannu Nuutinen
I like to feature really unusual jewelry designs because they serve to remind us that there are no limits to creativity.  Here are some wonderful examples.

Humor and whimsy are frequently included in these innovative designs.  Like the No Diamond ring by Finnish designer, Sannu Nuutinen.

The novelty and miniature approach works with Brussels based designer Ewelina Bocian's Oldies Collection . These are brass rings with minutely folded vintage paper maps.

Oldies Ring by Ewelina Bocian
The diorama  ring by Turkish Designer Selda Okutan  was inspired by Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men. She also has other delightful rings include the Relax ring which features a tiny woman enjoying her bath.

Using one art form into another is another strategy for innovative designers. Islay Taylor makes Knuckle Duster rings which feature bezel set beautifully hand painted acrylic nails.

Knuckle Duster rings by Islay Taylor
Interactive or kinetic jewelry is also popular. Natalia Gomensoro's Spin a Word Love Ring is a handmade unisex ring has dials where the wearer can spin to spell out words like love, kiss, ever, amor and so on. She says it is, "the perfect gift to serve as a reminder of your eternal commitment to each other, as best friends, or lovers or even both."

Love Ring by Natalia Gomensoro
The pimple popper ring by Winona Johnson on Etsy was created because she confessed she is a pimple popper.  Metal smith Winona admits it is a disgusting habit but thought coming out of the closet might signal the start of a collection on skin jewelry!

Art by Winona
Whatever her motives, the result was extensive media coverage via blogs and even the Huffington Post.  The $163 ring not only sold but the huge publicity drew tons of traffic to her Etsy store where her other conventional but still unique designs were on display.

It does help to have an open mind when it comes to creativity. Closed minds and the fear of ridicule just trap us into the ordinary, not the extraordinary spheres.

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