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$4000 Diamond Bracelet Accidentally Flushed Down Toilet

This is a cautionary tale to remind us to use safety chains on bracelets especially if they are expensive or very sentimental. Otherwise you risk losing bracelets anywhere....even down a flushing toilet!

The clasp of Cindy Edwards of Georgia's $4000 bracelet was loose and she hadn't noticed.  She explained to Atlanta Fox News, "When I went to flush the toilet my bracelet just fell off...all I could do was watch it float away".  

Cindy was very lucky the bracelet did not make it past the backwater valve outside the home. Otherwise the plumber would have had to call in an excavation crew to extensively dig up the yard. The news video link below shows how he managed to find and retrieve the bracelet. You never know. Perhaps one day you might have need for this information!

She spent less than half the cost of the bracelet to get it back.  In a previous case I wrote about, a woman who accidentally flushed her $70,000 diamond wedding ring down a restaurant toilet had to pay much more to get it back!

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  1. I had to laugh when I read this because about a month ago we had a group of people over for a pot luck. We were all spread out: kitchen, dining room, living room etc. Suddenly we hear someone wildly plunging the toilet in the bathroom off the kitchen. The "word/noise" moved slowly from room to room. What happened? We all had ideas but not what actually happened. Seems one of our guests keeps her glasses in the "V" of her blouse when not wearing them and they had slipped into the flushing toilet. Nothing got them back. We have had lots of laughs, needless to say. But part of the fun was watching the "story" filter from room to room. Fortunately, we had just installed a new toilet and have had no blockages. ;-)

  2. Thank goodness you didn't have a blockage! Losing jewelry down toilets happens quite regularly but this is the first time I've heard of glasses!

  3. Fortunately another story of lost jewelry that has a happy ending.

    I've noticed ads on TV about a new (well by now, fairly new) toilet that is almost impossible to plug up ... in retrospect that may not be such a great idea. lol

    When I lived in California we had a neighbor with a great sense of humor. She was in her early 30's and very attractive; she also had false teeth. One day she recounted a story about how she had had far too much to drink and ended up worshipping at the porcelain altar. What she hadn't realized at the time was that her top teeth had come out in the process and she had flushed them away. Thankfully she was unable to retrieve them and needless to say she didn't even want to try to get them back as the thought was totally ... eewwww !

  4. Oh dear what an awful thing...I had that happen to a pair of sun glasses when I was traveling!!! Didn't worry about them though!

    I don't always put a safety chain on bracelets but a couple of weeks ago I made myself a beautiful bracelet with faceted dyed multi colored Jade that I had been eying and I actually did put a safety chain on it...left my studio to go to the grocery store...when I arrived home and took my coat off my gorgeous bracelet was gone!!! :~(


  5. Safety chains do help prevent the vertical drops. The bracelet can still slip over the knuckles and off without one noticing especially if one were to take off gloves or a coat.

  6. I can only imagine the sick feeling she got as she realized that was her bracelet being flushed away ..

  7. My sister-in-law and I were feeding the ducks while on vacation, throwing dog food to them into the water. Yep, her 1 1/2 ct. diamond ring went flying. Even the forest ranger with diving gear couldn't find it in the soft lake bottom.


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