This is a cautionary tale to remind us to use safety chains on bracelets especially if they are expensive or very sentimental. Otherwise you risk losing bracelets anywhere....even down a flushing toilet!

The clasp of Cindy Edwards of Georgia's $4000 bracelet was loose and she hadn't noticed.  She explained to Atlanta Fox News, "When I went to flush the toilet my bracelet just fell off...all I could do was watch it float away".  

Cindy was very lucky the bracelet did not make it past the backwater valve outside the home. Otherwise the plumber would have had to call in an excavation crew to extensively dig up the yard. The news video link below shows how he managed to find and retrieve the bracelet. You never know. Perhaps one day you might have need for this information!

She spent less than half the cost of the bracelet to get it back.  In a previous case I wrote about, a woman who accidentally flushed her $70,000 diamond wedding ring down a restaurant toilet had to pay much more to get it back!

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