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Two Ways to Make Wire Butterfly Jewelry Tutorials

Some time ago, I featured a very young talented designer who started her wire work career with paper clips because she hadn't yet realized wire could be bought in much larger quantities!

This clever wire work tutorial by Mrballeng on Instructables also uses paperclips. But really, short lengths of wire in whatever metal you prefer will also work.

The butterflies are connected together in the same manner as Egyptian coils.  It makes for a really pretty bracelet!

If you aren't too confident about your wire work skills for the above wire work project, try the video tutorial by Camille. Her bead and wire creation is easy to do.  She gives all sorts of ideas to incorporate the butterfly into necklaces, hair jewelry and so on.  Also check out more butterfly jewelry tutorials in the links below.

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  1. Cool - I love that wirework one, Pearl!

  2. LOL! Why am I not surprised you liked that one, Michelle?

  3. I love the one made from wire too. That's really nice.
    Looks just like little butterflies. Thanks for sharing

  4. I think the beaded butterflies would make cute pins.

  5. Those look like lots of fun to make. Thanks for the nice tutorial....again!!!

  6. So pretty. They remind me of summer, sigh...

  7. How cool that she makes paperclip jewelry!

    I used to make little sculptures out of colored paperclips when I was a kid. I wish I'd saved them -- they'd probably make great pendants. :)

  8. The wire butterfly bracelet is a beauty and obviously a favorite with everyone. Now I know what to do with all my paperclips.
    A couple of years ago I needed some office supplies and bought a case of clips ...I've no idea what I was thinking ... ended up with about 12 little boxes and each box contains 100 paperclips.
    So far I haven't even used up one fourth of one box. I will be printing out Mrballeng tutorial.
    Maybe if I start making butterfly bracelets by the time I use up all my paperclips my great-granddaughter will be in high school. :D

  9. Looks like this wire butterfly tutorial is just for you Anna of the gazillion paper clips!


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