There are just a small handful of incredible artisans in the entire world who are capable of making architectural rings.  French jeweler, Phillipe Tournaire is one of them.

I've featured his luxury house rings before (see below). Here are his incredible cityscape rings, the latest additions to his architectural jewelry collection called Villa de Reve (dream house rings). The London Ring with Big Ben is shown above.

How he and his team are able to translate something massive like buildings into something ring sized is an amazing feat of scaling.

New York Rin
The aquamarine represents the Chrysler Tower

The rings are made with various precious metals like platinum, rose and yellow gold with faceted gemstones accents.

St Basil's Cathedral, Moscow ring with enameled "onion" domes
There are actually a number of leaning towers in Pisa, Italy. But the most famous one is depicted below.
Leaning Tower of Pisa ring

Dubai Palace ring

Paris ring
The facade of the Notre Dame cathedral is featured on the right of the Paris ring. An upside down Eiffel Tower forms the ring shank.  That Eiffel Tower element is also carried over in his exquisite French Kiss collection :

There are no words to adequately describe the designs except "WOW!"  Now where is the nearest lottery ticket booth?

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