Remember last week's post on how the ways to knit a yarn and chain mixed media bracelet? Anyone who crochets would also have recognized the same approach can be made using a hook.

Indeed, it's not the first time I have heard mention of it. This author whose book Creative Crochet Jewelry I reviewed before suggested it.  

A crochet and chain version is perhaps less awkward than the knitted one because the knitting needle has to be attached to the entire length of the chain.  Whereas all that is needed of the crochet hook is the right size to go through the links of the foundation chain.

Why do it in the first place?  It's not just for the design variation but the foundation chain can also add an additional design element and sturdiness. The clasp can be attached to this chain thus reducing the wear and tear issues on yarn or finer wire.

It helps if you know how to crochet.  But it's not that hard if you are just a beginner. Here are some step-by-step instructions if you are game to try. I've actually designed 4 different styles to illustrate the versatility of this design approach.

About 7 inches curb or cable chain in two sizes
     6x4 mm and 8x5 mm
Crochet hooks 1.5 mm (for small chain links) and 2.55 mm (for large chain links)
Worsted yarn, crochet thread no. 10, 1 mm leather cord
6/0 seed beads, 4 mm bicones
tapestry needle for weaving
large hole needle for sewing with crochet thread

Gauge is not important but it helps if you crochet the first row loosely. If your chains are different from mine, just experiment and see which hooks go through the links easily.

Basic Instructions
Using worsted yarn, the larger chain and the 2.55 mm hook, make a slip knot and tighten it on the hook.

Keeping the slip knot to the right, poke the hook through the first link and hook the yarn (yarn over hook) and pull it through the link.

There are now two loops on the hook. Yarn over the hook again and draw it through both the loops. This is single crochet.

Poke the hook in the next link and draw up another loop. Then yarn over and draw through both loops again.

Keep going along the foundation chain. Try to crochet loosely but don't fret if the chain kinks like this. It will all straighten out when you do the other side.

When you get to the last link, complete the single crochet, do an extra yarn over and draw it through the hook to make another chain.

Turn the work. Poke the hook through the double loops at the top of the row you just did. Yarn over and pull a loop onto the hook. Yarn over and pull it through both loops on the hook.

Keep going until you get to the end. Cut the yarn leaving a tail. Feed yarn tail through the last loop and pull tight.  Repeat the above instructions for the other side of the foundation chain. Weave yarn tails into the work

 Add a jump ring and a clasp at each end and you are done!  Click here for my Instructables pdf.

1. Leather Cord and Prestrung Beads
Prestring 6/0 seed beads onto 1 mm leather cord. You do need a fair amount of cord so make sure you work from a spool. Crochet the first row as shown above. Introduce the seed beads after you turn the work. Just drop one seed bead down to the work and yarn over behind it to proceed.

The leather is stiffer than yarn so the work turned out wider but still cool! Add a clasp of your choice when you are done.  I made this one for myself as it fits my skinny wrist especially after I changed the large trigger clasp to a slide lock.  But I shall be making it again for my shop.

2. Crochet Thread, Double Crochet and Sewing on Beads

If you know how to crochet, use crochet thread on a  finer chain.  Try varying stitches. I used double crochet for the second row which resulted in small gaps. I threaded the yarn tail (leave a generous amount) through a needle and picked up one bead at a time, sewing each bead to the work. The beads positioned nicely into the gaps.

Slide lock clasps work really well if you have one the right length to fit the bracelet's width.  I attached mine using several jump rings.

3. Use Wire
Working with wire is not the same as yarn or thread as the wire is nowhere as flexible. So the result is different - a very informal style.  I prestrung the 4 mm bicones before starting the work and added them like for the leather version above. If you are going to use a magnetic clasp like I did, make sure you add a safety chain.

Have fun!

Great minds think alike!  A blog reader, Michalene emailed me, "I couldn't believe your post today as I had just made these!  (I used ready made bracelets though.)"

 She adds, "I used crochet cotton for the black and red one and embroidery silk for the pink/blue one -  embroidery silk is really good as the colours are so vibrant."  Thanks for sharing your wonderful inspirations and ideas!

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