If you love exquisitely made miniatures, you will be wowed by Mariko Carandang's unvarnished bamboo treasure lockets. She is the artisan behind Iluxo on Etsy.

Some of these tiny little boxes with dove tail joints were inspired by actual vintage and classic cameras such as the Polaroid SX-70 (first picture), Leica M3 and the Rolleiflex .

She explains the concept behind this tiny creations :

"The treasure locket is perfect for those of us who find and get attached to small objects that get lost in the bottom of a pocket or handbag, but don't quite fit in a wallet. It will keep those trifling but meaningful objects close to you at all times. You can use it to carry a tiny photograph or a good luck charm. Keep a scroll of paper with your favorite quote on it-- a quote you mean to live by."

The planning and drafting for these laser cut creations has been meticulous. The back of the box functions both as the bail and the sliding mechanism to access the interior of the locket. She includes key features of the original cameras in order to put together her replicas.

Back of Leica M3 Locket
Her delicately carved Victorian Lace inspired Key to My Heart Locket is just as impressive as it features a lovely key and a keyhole

 Who can resist her woodland creatures locket?  The sweet animal images are on four of the sides.  All delightful!


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