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Really Cool Photo Resin Jewelry Tutorials

I've featured photo resin jewelry before. But as with anything, I never assume that I've seen it all before because inevitably, I come across something different.

I stumbled upon Little Windows, the brainchild of Fran Valera. She not only got into photo jewelry but went on to develop her own line of non-toxic resin which will work on delicate items such as photos. (You'll still need good ventilation).  I also liked her special mats used in the doming process.

Her project ideas and tutorials are clever and fun. She has many so I will just select my favorites. Shown above are her bendy rings. Her video tutorial shows how she embeds photo cut outs into resin molds and most importantly, how she curves the resin.

The 3-D Resin Butterflies video tutorial shows how to form a fabulous necklace.

Her layering technique video tutorial shows the use of photos, fabric or paper to get 3-D results. 

One of her cleverest tutorials is how to create faux dichroic glass using resin. Just check out her video tutorial for the aptly named dichro resin jewelry. Simply stunning!

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  1. I met Little Windows at a show in Tucson and was so impressed! I purchased a starter kit, but have not yet had the time to play. I really need to visit the website and watch their wonderful videos!

  2. Very cool Pearl! I did not know that you could bend the resin before it has completely cured. That brings in so many new possibilities. Thanks for finding this for us!

  3. How do i buy the kit or were from. little windows. Help anyone!!??

  4. Yes. You can purchase kits from Little Windows. Their link is above or you can just google the site.

  5. I love, love that butterfly. This resin jewelry is beautiful. I can't wait to try this someday soon!


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