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Amazing Miniature Food Jewelry by Shay Aaron

I've come across food inspired jewelry before. But this  Israeli designer as they say, takes the cake! Anyone can be forgiven if they mistake his Etsy store as a grocery one at first glance. The polymer clay food miniatures are so amazingly detailed and so life like they look positively delicious!

His skill is such that you can easily believe the chocolate cupcakes above are edible but they really are pendants to be worn with a chain.

One of my favorite desserts, a New York Cherry Cheesecake slice, also appears in his store. A tiny brass spoon accompanies the pendant. Perfect for bakers and dessert lovers - that's most of us I reckon!

The butter croissant earrings even have lightly browned areas just as there would be if they were toasted! Each croissant is only 20 mm long so his ability to craft something so small and yet portray accuracy is indeed remarkable.

His corn on the cob necklace complete with a little shovel will make a gardening enthusiast happy!

His selection would not be complete without pizza, right? Not just any kind, but bacon pizza with olives and melted cheese!

Just as we have to eat a balanced diet, he also does have many healthy fruits and vegetables in his utterly captivating store. Don't miss his 1:12 scale art food platters either!

Hungry yet?


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  1. Amazing, they look real. I need to go have a snack :)

  2. Glenda Stormes-BiceMay 15, 2012 at 9:22 AM

    all I can say is WOW!

    via Twitter

  3. OMG just making at it makes me hungry...I guess these pieces are the best conversation starters ever

  4. Barbara -bcameron8@tampabay.rr.comMay 15, 2012 at 11:10 AM

    Simply amazing. I'm going to pin his work, he certainly deserves the exposure. Thanks P)earl, you really find great artists!

  5. I just love Shay's work! He is one of the true masters when it comes to miniature food made with polymer clay. His work not only looks real, but it has a personality to it. Glad to see it featured here on your blog Pearl!


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