The articulated finger armor rings look like they could be pieces from medieval gauntlets! They are sometimes called full finger rings, claw and Goth rings.

That last name should give you a clue which subculture likes them! But they have also been spotted on a number of celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Heidi Klum and Victoria Beckham which also explains their popularity.

Many of the commercial finger armor rings I've seen are heavy, plated masculine affairs which often sport but not always, a spike or claw. These could do some damage if you're not careful! They also remind me of nail guards in a way. These were popular in China in past centuries. You can see a picture of these in my past post on The Last Empress of China and her 3000+ Jewelry Boxes.

However, one outstanding Etsy artisan,  Raven Eve Jewelry who specializes in Goth jewelry, creates really feminine pieces. They are so pretty that you don't have to be into Goth to want to wear these. As you can see from these lovely pieces I've chosen to feature from her collection, the clever use of filigree pieces softens the look. 

Hat tip to Donna of Sew and So for inspiring this post.


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